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ASHRY Steel Group puts as a top priority the development of steel industry in Egypt, particularly steel rebar and metal forming, whose production and consumption rates are the main indicator for economic development in Egypt.

As a result, ASHRY Steel Group has established and developed the latest factories for producing steel rebar, as well as the latest complex for metal forming with its various types and shapes, and ERW Tubes manufacturing. All of these developments enable us to supply all the national and private projects of steel products which meets the global market standards in order to make the Egyptian product more competitive for the international market.

With fully Egyptian investments, we are accomplishing the development plan and considering the establishment of steel factory to limit raw materials import. ASHRY Steel Group aims to acquire 18-22% of the local market share for the production of steel between (2020-2021). Also, it targets that both the service center and production of ERW Tubes, will be one of the most important centers locally and internationally in cooperation with the youth cadres and labors.

We also aim to work according to the latest rolling techniques, and metal forming to reach the best quality to compete in the international market, so that ASHRY Steel Group becomes a complex for manufacturing and forming steel products with its various types and shapes. Finally, ASHRY Steel Group trusts in the values and determination of the youth who are the main elements to achieve its objectives in the near future as well as maintaining the development to reach the optimum level expected.





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is to Deliver value for our stakeholder, meet our clients’ expectations. We are committed to doing this with a socially and environmentally responsible toward our community.
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Our Vision is to be the Benchmark for the steel industry and the most reliable provider for the steel industry on the region. ASHRY Steel is looking to be the center of excellence for iron and Steel Products in the Middle East and North Africa, obey the local market production gap. ASHRY Steel is Committed to deliver our business fairly, with honestly and transparency.

Quality service for construction projects and Automative service.