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C.Service center

C.Service center

C.Service center

Our Steel Service Center specializes in cutting and slitting coiled steel into sheet metal and slit strips, precisely according to your desired specifications.The combination of our knowhow and our large capacity ensures we meet your requirements when it comes to quality, flexibility and punctual delivery.

Our set-up comprises more than 500,000 m2 of manufacturing  and storage facilities in Egypt, which are equipped with the very best manufacturing systems.

Thanks to a wide range of warehouse stock, reaching up to 250,000 tons of rolls in the season, the cutting center is able to satisfy customer requirements practically immediately with the possibility to supply the packaging upon request.

  1. Slitting Line

Thickness     From 0.5mm    to 4.5mm

Maximum Wisth:  1850mm

  1. Slitting & Cut to length Line Thickness From 0.5mm    to 4mm

Maximum Width:  1500mm

Maximum length:4000mm

  1. Cut to Length

Thickness     From 2mm    to 12mm

Maximum Width:  1650mm

Maximum length:12000mm

  1. Hydraulic Cutting Shears Thickness up to 25mm

Width:  up to 6000mm

*Cutting all dimensions required for fabrication   process based oncustomer needs

  1. Press break “bending machine”.

Thickness     up to 30mm

Width:  up to 12000mm

  1. Rafted Panel

Thickness     From 0.4mm to 0.8mm Width:  From 500mm to 1022mm length up to 12000mm

  1. Purlin Production Line * Z / U Shapes

Thickness     From 1.5mm to 3.2mm Width:  up to 750 

length up to 12000mm